Madrid 2017

Refugee building sign

Hola que tal?

Ok that’s as far as my Spanish goes….

For a while I’ve been contemplating traveling alone. For the simple fact that I am sick and tired of waiting for other people to do stuff. Whether it’s travelling, going out to dinner or just discovering new things.

So I had to take a business trip recently for 3 days. And I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to try it out!  The convention was from Fri-Sun, I decided that I would start my trip on the Wednesday.

The initial plan was for me to stay in a hostel from Wednesday until Thursday and then move to an appartement with a small group for the remainder of the trip.

Ok my plan’s for my first trip “alone” was set! Well atleast the first 24 hour trip alone haha. But the group cancelled so this turned into a solo trip 🙂

On my first dat I landed at about 10:30 am got to the hostel at about 12:00. But since I couldn’t check in till 14:00 so I got something to eat. (pic)

To my great disappointment the Churros were cold, oily and bland… Apparently the Spanish peeps don’t eat their Churros with a kg of cinnamon sugar 🙂

The next morning I booked a free walking tour  to discover the neighborhood and meet new people. But I decided to stay in bed until 10:00 … but the tour started at 11:00. So of course I was late and couldn’t find the people so I toured myself!

And this is what I saw:

Plaza Mayor with Fat Spiderman

Retouched Fat Spiderman



San Miguel (Market)

Market place

I honestly didn’t meet many new people but I did discover a new part of MYSELF…. The part that is ok getting out of her comfort zone, out of the country and being spontaneous…ALONE.

The moral of the story is, don’t run away from yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to live your best life.


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