This documentary got me thinking.

Food Inc picVegetarian/ Vegan/ Raw Vegan

Which one are you? I have my days of each one actually, sometimes I’m a pescatarian… But I actually prefer NOT to label myself as either one because trust me if I have a craving for some crispy fried chicken…I will FEAST on it!! (Only after postponing it for as long as possible).

I recently transitioned from eating meat (actually just chicken) twice a week to 0 times a week. Not sure if I’ll ever go full on vegan but the way our food is grown nowadays…ISSA SETUP!

Last year I watched the documentary called ‘Food Inc.’ and it confirmed a few things for me:

  1. We are being lied to about how natural and safe our food is.
  2. A lot of food we eat is GM (Genetically modified) in some way.

How safe is our food?…

In the movie they explained how chickens are raised. Did you know that the average lifespan of a chicken that is raised in the wild is over 5 YEARS! I’ve read up to 10-15 years even..

Guess what the lifespan is of a chicken raised for it’s meat… 6 weeks! How? Hormones and antibiotics. This makes them grow so fast and their legs can’t support all of this new weight. (picture below)

plofkip visual

(Source: )

In the Netherlands we call this “Plofkip”. Hungry much? Yeah they don’t look very edible do they?

But waste not want not as they say… These animals are still sold in supermarkets today. Crippled,, poop, sores and all..

GMO..To eat or not to eat?

An example of GMO are Corn. What makes it a GMO is the fact that it is genetically engineered to be resistant to herbicides and it produces it’s own pesticides. Another example is GM Papaya (Hawaiian). Up to 90% of the Papayas grown in Hawai are genetically modified by the way.

Logically if the pesticides are “built in” to the fruit/vegetable then it automatically enters our body. Which is not good of course but the big question is…What will that do to us in the long run?..

Bon appetit!

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